Emerging Artist Arnaud Quercy Unveils New Diptych Creations: “Dragon Breeder” and “Dragon”

https://www.pr.com/press-release/915730 Paris, France, July 15, 2024 –(PR.com)– Emerging artist Arnaud Quercy is proud to announce the completion and unveiling of his latest diptych creations, “Dragon Breeder” and “Dragon.” These remarkable sculptures, the result of several months of meticulous work, draw inspiration from the rich world of mythology and explore the enigmatic bond between humans and dragons. … Read more

Embarking on a New Adventure at the “Marché de la Création” Paris

I’m thrilled to join Paris’ vibrant Edgar Quinet market every Sunday, where I present my art among a warm community of creators. Last Sunday marked my debut, filled with engaging conversations and a heartfelt welcome. Join me for a day of art and connection!

Eternal Encompassing

“Eternal Encompassing,” an acrylic on canvas painting by Arnaud Quercy, embodies Emily Dickinson’s poem “Hope.” The artwork features a pregnant woman symbolizing hope’s nurturing aspect, surrounded by a black line representing hope’s protection. A small figure depicts human humility in face of hope’s magnitude. Bold lines signify life’s trials and hope’s undeterred progress.