PASSÉFUTUR Art Show: Arnaud Quercy at the Auguste Theatre, Paris

On that captivating September evening, the historic L’Auguste Théatre in Paris was not just a venue but a portal to a new dimension of art. The PASSÉFUTUR Art Show, orchestrated by a talented team of IESA art school students, took the audience on a profound journey through time and emotion. Arnaud Quercy’s Visual Symphony Arnaud … Read more

My Journey to the Maurice Ravel Contest Final

“Arnaud Quercy, a finalist in the Maurice Ravel Contest with ‘The Helper,’ showcases his unique talent through this chamber orchestra piece. Inspired by Hazelnut Brandypudding, an elf’s story of dedication and self-discovery, Arnaud’s composition stands out for its emotional depth and musical excellence. Discover the inspiration behind his acclaimed work on our blog.”