Narration of the imaginary

The art of narration is ancestral. Without a doubt, time has added technique to it, but in its purpose, it remains a primitive art: that of transmitting a knowledge, a story and beyond to inspire others to the journey of the mind.

In another professional life, as head of technology and operations in a large international bank, I spent more time in my career worrying about data than stories. Spreadsheets and powerpoints were my weapons of choice. However, my perspective changed the day I met a storyteller. The story of his adventures and the narration of his stories galvanized me, inspired me.

That day, I understood that in order to reach my goals, professional or personal, I had to find a meaning to life in the telling of my own story. At the risk of losing the sense of reality, I preferred the sense of my life and the pursuit of my imagination.

I decided to apply this logic to everything I do.

In my opinion, each work of art must be able to tell a story. Thus begins my true quest, the one whose balance is found in the tryptich creation of a work, reconciling the diffraction of the spirit, the resonnance of desire and the narration of the imaginary.”

Here my quest continues.

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