“A Happy Man”

“A Happy Man”
Ceramic with bronze patina, 17x12x37 cm, 3.4kg

« A happy man » and the artist

Arnaud Quercy Creations / AQC0507 / 2024
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In the narrative accompaniment, “A Happy Man” unveils the story of Leonard, a man wrapped in the silent crescendo of anticipation, awaiting an imminent birth. This sculpture intricately embodies the essence of Leonard’s tale. The semi-circular sphere is the moon, his quiet ally in the tense hours before the arrival of new life. Sharp geometric forms and rectangles signify his unyielding professionalism in the face of nature’s timing. The central void reflects his inner doubts, the natural companion of hope as the moment of birth draws near.

As the narrative quietly transitions from the anticipation of night to the revelation of dawn, this sculpture stands as a tribute to the silent drama of waiting and the profound joy of life’s unfurling. It is a story of patience, of the moon’s silent vigil, and of the delicate balance between certainty and the beauty of life’s uncertainties.

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