PASSÉFUTUR Art Show: Arnaud Quercy at the Auguste Theatre, Paris

On that captivating September evening, the historic L’Auguste Théatre in Paris was not just a venue but a portal to a new dimension of art. The PASSÉFUTUR Art Show, orchestrated by a talented team of IESA art school students, took the audience on a profound journey through time and emotion.

Arnaud Quercy’s Visual Symphony

Arnaud Quercy‘s role transcended that of a typical visual artist; he was a digital alchemist transforming bits and pixels into vivid emotions and timeless stories. Each of the 15 pieces crafted by Arnaud was a unique expression of the accompanying musical masterpiece, with 3D models and animations that enveloped the audience in a cocoon of visual narratives. From the reflective tranquility of Debussy’s “Beau soir” to the vibrant energy of Granados’ “Andaluza”, each visual was a masterpiece, meticulously modeled to resonate with the live performances by Marion Hedin on cello and David Erhard on piano.

The Performers: David Erhard and Marion Hedin

David and Marion, both accomplished musicians, infused each composition with life, their instruments speaking directly to the souls of the audience. Their performance was not just heard but felt, an emotional resonance amplified by the visual art. Their expertise in classical music provided the perfect counterpart to Arnaud’s visual creations, making the experience not only aural but deeply visceral.

Audience Reaction and Lasting Impact

The response from the audience was nothing short of awe-inspiring. The interplay of light, shadow, and sound left many speechless, with patrons lingering long after the curtains fell, reluctant to break the spell. The show was discussed not just as an entertainment event but as a significant cultural moment that highlighted the seamless integration of technology and traditional art forms.

Reflecting on Academic and Artistic Achievement

While the show was a remarkable achievement for the involved artists, it also stood as a pinnacle of academic effort for the student organizers. It was their vision and determination that brought together such disparate elements into a cohesive and unforgettable experience. As they move forward in their careers, the PASSÉFUTUR Art Show will undoubtedly be a bright highlight in their portfolios.


The PASSÉFUTUR Art Show was more than an art exhibition or a music performance; it was a celebration of human creativity and collaboration. As the echoes of the evening continue to resonate in the hearts and minds of those who were present, the show serves as a beacon of what the future of art can aspire to be—an immersive, multidisciplinary feast that transcends boundaries and speaks directly to the heart.

The team
Marion Hedin au violoncelle
Marion Hedin

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