Embarking on a New Adventure at the “Marché de la Création” Paris

Hello, art enthusiasts!

I’m thrilled to share a wonderful new chapter in my artistic journey. I’ve recently been accepted by the Paris Commission to participate in the prestigious “Marché de la Création” at the Edgar Quinet market, a dream platform for any artist. This venue, known for its vibrant atmosphere and rich history of fostering creative talents, is now where I have the privilege of showcasing my work every Sunday.

Last Sunday marked my debut at this iconic market. The day was exhilarating yet filled with the usual first-time challenges of setting up my booth. Despite these hurdles, the effort was immensely rewarding. My booth, a small but cozy corner, was adorned with both my paintings and sculptures—each piece telling its own story, inviting passersby to delve into the worlds I’ve created.

The response from the visitors was incredibly encouraging. Many stopped to gaze, inquire, and discuss the artworks, providing me with invaluable feedback and the kind of interaction that artists often crave. These exchanges are not just transactions; they are the lifeblood of a creative career, offering insights and connections that are otherwise hard to come by.

Moreover, the welcome from the artist community at the market was nothing short of warm. This collective of talented individuals doesn’t just share a space; they share a passion and a commitment to art that binds them. Being part of this community, even just for a day so far, has been an affirming experience. There’s a shared understanding here that goes beyond the art—it’s about supporting and uplifting each other.

As I continue to present my work at the Edgar Quinet market, I look forward to the many Sundays ahead—each promising new faces, fresh perspectives, and continued inspiration. I am eager to grow alongside my fellow artists and hope to contribute to this vibrant community as much as I learn from it.

For those who are in Paris, or plan to visit, I warmly invite you to come to the Edgar Quinet market on a Sunday. Come find my booth, see my art in person, and perhaps share a moment of artistic connection. Whether you’re an art lover, a fellow artist, or just a curious wanderer, your presence would be the highlight of my day!

Here’s to many more Sundays filled with art, conversations, and new friendships at the “Marché de la Création.” See you there!

Warm regards,

Arnaud Quercy

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