Innovative Shapes: Arnaud Quercy crafts his sculptures with a fresh take on geometry, blending sharp lines with smooth curves. Each piece showcases a fluid yet structured design, demonstrating how opposites can coexist harmoniously.

Rich Textures: In much of his work, the artist applies patina to create textures that contrast with the underlying materials, such as traditional ceramics, wood, or the more adventurous 3D digital sculptures 3D printed with wood. This technique highlights the tactile appeal of the sculptures.

Luminous Effects: Patina interacts with light to accentuate the sculptures’ depth and dimension, transforming surfaces into canvases for light and shadow.

Stable yet Dynamic: Despite their complex designs, Quercy’s sculptures maintain a balance. They exhibit stability in their proportions and dynamism in their forms.

Personal Stories: The sculptures often suggest stories or characters, inviting viewers to interpret them in their own way, thus making each interaction unique.

Modern Meets Classic: Quercy honors the tradition of ceramics while pushing its boundaries with a modern style. His work brings a contemporary edge to the craft, while also acknowledging its rich heritage.

Symbolic Depth: The works are imbued with potential symbols, perhaps referencing lore or conveying deep-seated ideas, adding layers of meaning.

Interactive Experience: Viewers are encouraged to engage with the sculptures, which appear to change with perspective, promoting an interactive and immersive experience.

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