Embarking on a New Adventure at the “Marché de la Création” Paris

I’m thrilled to join Paris’ vibrant Edgar Quinet market every Sunday, where I present my art among a warm community of creators. Last Sunday marked my debut, filled with engaging conversations and a heartfelt welcome. Join me for a day of art and connection!

Eternal Encompassing

“Eternal Encompassing,” an acrylic on canvas painting by Arnaud Quercy, embodies Emily Dickinson’s poem “Hope.” The artwork features a pregnant woman symbolizing hope’s nurturing aspect, surrounded by a black line representing hope’s protection. A small figure depicts human humility in face of hope’s magnitude. Bold lines signify life’s trials and hope’s undeterred progress.

Arnaud Quercy Creations Announces Participation in “Abstract” Online Exhibition by Las Laguna Art Gallery

Arnaud Quercy Creations’ new artwork, “Murmurs of Solitude – The Enigma of the Teenager” is featured in Las Laguna Art Gallery from September 7 – 29, 2023. The piece, created with oil pastels, delves into teenager’s lives and their connection with AirPods, reflecting the enigma of youth in the digital age. Quercy’s innovative approach to contemporary art places him in this prestigious exhibition.

Arnaud Quercy Joins Artmajeur

Multidisciplinary artist, Arnaud Quercy, has collaborated with the esteemed online art platform, Artmajeur. The partnership allows art enthusiasts worldwide to explore and purchase Quercy’s unique creations, which span from contemporary music to sculpture and painting. This move is aimed at broadening the audience for Quercy’s diverse and innovative works.

PASSÉFUTUR Art Show: Arnaud Quercy at the Auguste Theatre, Paris

On that captivating September evening, the historic L’Auguste Théatre in Paris was not just a venue but a portal to a new dimension of art. The PASSÉFUTUR Art Show, orchestrated by a talented team of IESA art school students, took the audience on a profound journey through time and emotion. Arnaud Quercy’s Visual Symphony Arnaud … Read more