Narration of the imaginary

The author, a former technology and operations executive, had an epiphany after meeting a storyteller, realizing the power and importance of sharing personal narratives. He decided to incorporate storytelling into every aspect of his life, asserting that every art piece must tell a story. This shift of perspective led him on a continuous journey exploring creativity, desire, and imagination.

Embracing the Absurd: The Intersection of Art and Philosophy in Arnaud Quercy’s Digital Moving Sculpture

Acceptance of The Absurd
– research on tensions #37
Alternate work, short piece for piano
Inspired by the work of Albert Camus, this moving sculpture offers a solution in which one must accepts the Absurd and continues to live in spite of it.
“By accepting the Absurd, one can achieve the greatest extent of one’s freedom.
By recognizing no religious or other moral constraints, and by rebelling against the Absurd (through meaning-making) while simultaneously accepting it as unstoppable, one could find contentment through the transient personal meaning constructed in the process
Arnaud Quercy Creation / 2021 / AQC0293 /