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I purchased some amazing pieces from Arnaud in the Marché de La Création in Paris! So talented, friendly, and humble. I feel honoured to have some of his pieces to add to my collection!
Very artistic!
Very nice discovery this morning at Edgar Quinet. An artist to definitely follow.

Angelika Kellenbach and Elias Maya

Transcendence – Faith, Love, Hope was an exhibition and a video installation at the Koblenz Art Association. Art and music invited viewers to embrace the transience of life. An artwork for the senses that thematized human longings.

Arnaud Quercy is an artist working in immersive media. With incredible technical skill, he managed to play this challenging space, which was a challenge at Altenhof 13 in Koblenz, a medieval residential castle. The audience stood in the midst of the artwork, which was projected in 360° onto the walls and ceiling using several projectors. The work revolved around the astonished audience, picking up various elements of his paintings. Quercy’s images came to life, so to speak.

The immersive work gained further depth through the piano playing of the trained musician Arnaud Quercy, along with his German colleague, musician and composer Frank von Häfen (flute, electronic wind instrument). Arnaud Quercy and Frank von Häfen created a symphony of art and music, leaving a lasting impression on the visitors. Such an art action was a premiere for Koblenz.

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