« Every work of art must be able to tell a story. Thus begins my true quest, the one whose balance is found in the triptych creation of a work, reconciling the diffraction of the mind, the resonance of desire and the narration of the imaginary. »

– Arnaud Quercy

Arnaud Quercy: A Journey Through Art


Arnaud Quercy is a beacon of artistic innovation. With a talent that spans across music, visual arts, writing, and immersive exhibitions, he offers a comprehensive artistic journey that defies conventional limits.

Musical Endeavors

Starting with his music, Arnaud has produced works that stir the soul. “The Helper” and “The Big Five” exemplify his genre-defying compositions. Furthermore, his albums, such as “Shooting Star,” invite listeners into a world of emotional depth and narrative richness.

Visual Artistry

Turning to the visual arts, Arnaud paints a world filled with colors and emotions. His collections, including “Préludes pour pinceaux” and “Urbanustries,” showcase his versatile ability to convey complex feelings and ideas through art.

Literary Contributions

Moreover, Arnaud’s literary works provide a window into his vast imagination. His publications, like “Ego” and “Essais Abstraits,” along with the project “Abstract Loops,” explore the intertwining of abstract language and poetry.

Exhibitions and Performances

His exhibitions, both in the U.S. and abroad, break the mold of traditional art showcases. The “Transcendence” exhibition at the Koblenzer Kunstverein e.V. in 2023, for example, is a groundbreaking immersive experience combining art forms in a transformative way.


Musical Compositions and Creations

2017 “The Helper”, for Chamber Orchestra

2017 “Mannix”, comp. Lalo Shiffrin, Arrangement and conducting by Arnaud Quercy, for bigband

2017 “Variations”, for Trio (Violin, Cello, Piano)

2017 “The Big five”, for string quartet. Translating the symbolism of Ernest Hemingway’s short stories into a 5 pieces series.

2018 “Dotty”, Symphonic Poem (4 movements) for symphonic orchestra

2020 “Secrets of Kindred Souls”, Prelude for piano

2020 “Fear”, 1 min in 360 VR for symphonic orchestra essay

2020 “Reborn” – for String Orchestra

2020 “Transcendental Aesthetism”, for piano

2020 “In a blissful stream”, for piano

2020 “Eaux troubles”, for poet (Jerome Pinte) and piano (Arnaud Quercy)

2020 “Abstract Essays”, for piano

2021 “Isochronic Pendulum” – Minimalist sound sculpture (Arnaud Quercy Creations)

2021 “Shooting Star” (Triptych creation, album ℗ 2735700 Records DK Released on: 2021-02-05 )

– The call

– Despair

– Game of voices

– Sinusoidal beep

– 28 seconds

– Curves

– Waiting for monday

– Voyage

2021 “Galitea”, Animation movie and symphonic poem creation, commissioned by the Space Renaissance Initiative

2021 “Acceptance of The Absurd” – Research on tensions #37, Alternate work, short piece for piano

2021 “The Kiss, 1908”, Variations #2 on the painting by Gustav Klimt , short piece for piano

2021 “The soul of the world” – Research on tensions # 21, , Alternate work, short piece for piano

2021 “The Sun Dance” – Deerhoof Rattle Sound Sculpture

2023 “Transcendental Aesthetism”, for piano – variations and impromptu

Art Collections

2020 Préludes pour pinceaux

2020 Reveries

2020 The Players

2020 Urbanustries

2020 Research On tensions

2020 Reflexions

2020 Origins

2020 Abstract essays (published – 50 poems challenge)

2020 Mouvements

2021 Variations

2021 Mila

2021 Etoile Filante

2021 Paris Little Secrets

2021 Sound scultpures

2021 Abstract Loops

2022 The Ballroom

2022 Sketches (on going)

2022 Abstract Expressionism (on going)

2023 Harmonies (on going)

2023 50 States (on going)

2023 Transcendence

Writings and Publications

2017 Piano Jazz Master’s Solos Rare Transcriptions, published – ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1973439288

2020 Ego (short story) – published – ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 979-8686358591

2020 Essais Abstraits: Le défi d’un seul mot – published – ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 979-8575866091

2021 Etoile Filante (shooting star)

2021 Mila

2021 Abstract Loops (ongoing, 20+ abstract language poetry )- ongoing


2021 O’Hanlon center of Arts, CA / So Real–Surreal exhibition (Nov 11, 2021 to Jan 20, 2022), Juried by Michael Yochum: The Two Cities (part II) – research on tensions #29

2021 Art Fluent, Boston, MA / WHATEVS exhibition, juried by Amy Matteson Neill : Savage

2022 The Dab Art Co. Main Street Gallery, LA, USA – (OCT21)Los Angeles | Group Exhibitions, Solo Features & Roster: Free will – research on tensions #32

2022 Ephemeral Art – Sand bas-relief – Salou beach, Spain

2022 passéfutur Art show, 30 September 2022, L’Auguste Théatre, Paris – 15 unique digital creations with live classical music duo (with Marion Hedin, Cello and David Erhard, Piano)

2023 « The Cat Of Istambul », Exposition Dans La Jungle Du Douanier Rousseau Atelier D’arts De La Butte Aux Cailles Profils Et Reliefs, Paris Paris, France

2023 “Murmurs Of Solitude – The Enigma Of The Teenager”, Abstract Exhibition – Las Laguna Art Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA, États-Unis

2023 Human Exhibition – Naturalist Gallery Of Contemporary Art Washington, DC, États-Unis

2023 Transcendence / ephemera arts – Koblenzer Kunstverein e.V., Germany – Immersive exhibition, solo exhibition, live performance with Frank von Haefen (Flute), and Arnaud (piano)


2017 Paris College of Music Diploma – Cum Laude

2018 Maurice Ravel International Contest : “The Helper” for chamber orchestra (Finalist and Special Mention in the “All Existing Instruments Category”)

2021 Winner of the 2021 Blender 3D France Championship


Recent Projects

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