Acrylic paintings

Arnaud Quercy’s acrylic painting style is a modern homage to abstraction and geometry. Vivid colors and bold shapes define his work. His paintings invite viewers on a visual journey marked by several key features:

Bold Abstraction: Quercy’s pieces feature abstract shapes that communicate a unique visual language. These shapes often encourage multiple interpretations, as they move beyond reality’s confines to express deeper concepts or feelings.

Geometric Harmony: The canvas comes alive with squares, circles, and other geometric forms. These shapes are arranged to float and interact, giving a structured yet dynamic feel to the space they occupy.

Color and Contrast: The artist’s palette is daring, using contrasts that make certain areas pop against softer tones. This technique draws attention to specific parts of the painting, creating focal points within the abstract landscape.

Shapes in Conversation: The shapes in Quercy’s paintings appear to engage with each other. Lines connecting these forms suggest an interplay, adding a narrative quality to the visual experience.

Texture Through Acrylics: Acrylic paint allows for a textured surface, which Quercy uses to add depth. Brushstrokes and knife marks are often visible, adding a tactile dimension to the visual appeal.

Symbolism and Story: While abstract, Quercy’s work often contains symbols. These may hint at a theme, such as music, or represent a philosophical idea.

Emotive Impact: The paintings aim to resonate emotionally. The interplay of color and form is designed to provoke a response, showcasing the power of non-representational art.

Narrative Depth: Each painting hints at a narrative, not through direct representation, but through the power of abstraction.

In summary, Arnaud Quercy’s acrylic works are a testament to the power of modern abstract art. They blend color, form, and texture to captivate and engage viewers from all walks of life.

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