Oil paintings

Arnaud Quercy’s style in oil painting demonstrates a modernist approach, characterized by the exploration of abstract forms and the integration of geometric shapes. The use of color is bold and deliberate, creating a vibrant juxtaposition that brings energy and depth to the canvas. His compositions are carefully structured, displaying a rhythmic quality that suggests movement and connectivity between the various elements within the paintings.

The abstract nature of Quercy’s work allows for multiple interpretations, often evoking musical or emotional themes that resonate with the viewer. There is a clear sense of narrative or storytelling through visual means, which is achieved by the strategic placement of shapes and lines that guide the eye and engage the viewer’s imagination.

Quercy’s paintings also reflect a fusion of his diverse artistic interests, particularly his engagement with music and digital arts. This multidisciplinary influence is evident in the way his paintings often seem to represent more than just visual stimuli; they appear to be visual manifestations of concepts that may include sound, rhythm, and digital abstraction.

In essence, Quercy’s oil painting style is an intricate dance of form, color, and composition, inviting viewers to experience a harmonious blend of visual art and implied sonority.

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