In the Woods of Saint Germain


Reader Of Parc Monceau, Paris

Oil on Canvas, 20×20cm

Arnaud quercy Creations / AQC0579 / 2024


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In the Woods of Saint Germain
Oil on Canvas, 22.5x16cm
Arnaud quercy Creations / AQC0580 / 2024

“In the Woods of Saint Germain” delves into the reflective and introspective act of self-portraiture in a digital age, set against the timeless backdrop of Saint Germain’s ancient woods.
This painting captures the paradox of seeking solitude while engaging in an inherently narcissistic acttaking a selfie.
Through abstract geometric shapes and a vivid contrast of colors, it explores the tension between the desire to connect with nature and the impulse to frame this connection through the lens of personal technology.
The artwork invites viewers to ponder the modern compulsion to document and curate personal experiences, prompting a reflection on the intersection of self-awareness, technology, and the natural environment.

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Dimensions 16 × 22 cm


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